What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

God, What about Haiti?

God, do you send earthquakes and floods to Haiti? Have you kept Haitians down so that their only survival depends on burning every last tree on the island for charcoal to cook or sell?

Do you punish people for not worshipping the right god?  Do you allow all the political upheaval that Haitians have suffered through for so many years?

Do take out Your wrath on rich nations by ravaging small  ones, children, widows, the poor?

Or are you just a God-With-us?  Like parents with grown children, not much you can do to stop us from destroying ourselves and each other?  You don’t disappear in despair and disgust.

You just keep on being there, not waiting for worshippers to get in line…but waiting, like parents do, for your grown children to come to their senses and care about each other.  You are so NOT about us worshipping You.

Having people worship You, God, was never the issue, never the objective.  All You have ever wanted is for us to see how our tendency to worship is the very essence of idolatry.  Idolatry, a disease which eats at the core of us, whether we worship our bodies, material goods, status or gods who have control over us.

You are certainly not a helicopter parent.  We get in messes; we’ve got to get ourselves out of them by realizing that we are one with each other, like it or not.  We ought not do to the other what we would not have them do to us.

God, You think we can learn from each other?  Learn from You Being There WITH US???

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