What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

THE GOD TRAP is exactly why God Needs to Go Rogue…and maybe Obama does too!

The God Trap is the one where God is supposed to be Great Ruler and Protector of All and we get to be the obedient subjects or rebellious teenagers. The God Trap is where Ego and Spirit are at war with each other–Ego demanding its absolute separateness and Spirit demanding complete agreement and oneness.

The God Trap has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with our projections on God and our leaders. “Protect us, save us, care for us”…until, smothered by your protection, we earn the right to rebel.

The God Trap is much like the Parent Trap. There is no winning for Obama.  The more Obama saves and protects us, the more the rebel teen in us will whine about big government and the cost of it all, while the obedient servants will keep on trying to drive together what will not go together.

What if we let God out of the trap?  What if we heard God say, “I can’t protect you.  I can’t stop earthquakes and sunami’s and terrorists.  But I’ve given you everything you need to work together to solve these problems.  And I care that you BE the greatness you received in your Begetting.”

What if Obama helped us see and give up our whining and rebellion and obedient servitude in exchange for…faith in the strength and power of American ego and spirit begotten for our benefit, not for our division and destruction.


Comments on: "Obama Caught in the God Trap" (5)

  1. That would be nice, but it’ll never happen.

    • Right, it will never happen IF we BELIEVE it will never happen. There would be no U.S. if enough people believed “it will never happen.” There has been no change for the better in the world without people first believing it to be possible. A black president was considered impossible until many people gave up believing it could never happen.
      I believe we all want to be reminded of and called to our greatness–something our president does so well.

  2. While I agree that would be nice, the same people saying “save us and protect us” aren’t the same ones looking at the right to rebel.

    Government is the perfect microcosm of why the Love of God is not overbearing and restrictive. And God has been much more successful in our spiritual growth than government has been is our political growth.
    But God has had more practice. Lol

    • Anonymous said:

      I was painfully using a political example of the mentality of entitlement vs that of rebellion, ie: The stereotype of the Left and the Right.
      Big Government hoping to save and protect vs.little government people rebelling against it via tea party movement.

      See how I used the low case for “little government”……clever!!

      • I think mentality of entitlement vs. that of rebellion are flip sides of the same coin. Like a teenager, societies often jump from entitlement into rebellion at the notion that one is not entitled to everything. Conversely, societies often jump from rebellion and revolution into fear of chaos and desire to be taken care of, even if it means a benevolent dictator.

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