What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

What if God…?

What if God doesn’t care about all the stories we pin on “Him”?

What if God is as different from those stories as we are from the office or family gossip about us?

What if our stories are so precious to us that we will not let go of them, even if they are hurting us or killing others?

What if those stories tell us more about ourselves than they do about God?

Comments on: "What if God…?" (4)

  1. Even if I sensed these weren’t rhetorical questions, I wouldn’t try to answer them. But they are important questions to ask. I grew up in a home where these questions were not encouraged at all… and I still feel the effect of that now.

    • Yes, these seem like rhetorical questions, but they aren’t. When we run into important questions in life, we can walk away from them or keep them in mind until they free us from whatever is keeping us in the dark.
      You were brave to see that these are questions which have been “shushed” into oblivion by those who don’t want to consider them…because they require change in thinking, change in living. Bravo for you!


  2. Thought provoking questions.

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