What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

God Breaks Out of Lockbox!

It happened one day in 2033.  God appeared in Afghanistan with all founders of all the religions in the world.  I guess they were there to give God some credibility worldwide.

God appeared as a burning bush with a gentle but persuasive voice.  Some people heard a VERY LOUD voice though.  God said:

“I am NOT the Warrior God of Good against Evil.  Nothing really wins by attack or defense.”

“I am NOT the God who is in control of everything.  Control over everything kills the spirit.”

“I am NOT the God you make me out to be–anymore than you are the person others think you to be.”

Then God disappeared with all the religious founders…God figured that was enough to think about for now.

Sister Lea, 2033

For More: Visit:  “Who God is Not” at /whomegod.wordpress.com/

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