What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?


A Very Different Image of God, NOT the God on a Throne.

GOD on a Throne is Almighty King, Lord and Master, Giver of laws, miracles, tests, graces and chastisements.  This is the God Who is over and above and beyond us.

GOD on a Skateboard is an Interactive God, Alive, always moving, constantly responsive to the present moment.  God on a Skateboard is about challenge, caring interplay, letting go, creating, re-creating and healing–making one.  God on a Skateboard is free to move everywhere, tagging the universe with messages–”I am here and here and here.”  This is the God Who is WITH us…not OVER us.

This God has no hierarchy to be in charge of, no universe to run, no servants to oversee, no legal or judicial system to manage .  This is a God who interacts with every one, every thing, and every moment without exception…both Separate from and One with us.  A God for fast-paced changing times, you think? 

  See Who God is Not if you like this post.


Comments on: "GOD on a SKATEBOARD" (5)

  1. jean mulloy said:

    good questions, few answers, and very thought provoking

    • Yes, Jean, we always want answers. What if God wants us to STAY with the questions?–as uncomfortable as that is. What if answers turn us into pillars of salt or idol worshippers? Ah, yes, more questions.

  2. Great post. I wonder if we’ve always thought we were fast paced and changing?
    Did the people in the 1850’s think they were so ahead of the people of the 1830’s…
    When I read God is same today, yesterday and forever, I wonder how much we actually change and if God thinks technology changes are actually even changes and that the same human condition issues have been and will continue to always be the same?
    I like more questions, we can save the answers for the end

    • Good point, Rex! Some more questions: Can God be both the same in essence and yet ever-responding anew? Can we be both the same person and yet every-changing as we intercourse with each moment in time and space.

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