What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

Not always the God we want

There is only ONE God.   God on a Throne is NOT God on a Skateboard, nor visa versa.

Yet we want both gods– the King responsible for and in control of everything and the One on the Skateboard who is WITH us through it all.

We can’t have it both ways.  We can’t have the God we want, only the One Who is.

I don’t believe God was ever on a throne.  …See http://wp.me/pLIvJ-4 for more God on a Skateboard.

What do you believe?

Comments on: "Not always the God we want" (1)

  1. I couldn’t access your link to read more about “God on a Skateboard”, but I still believe we serve a multi-faceted God who was, is and always will be worthy of a throne – yet knows and loves us so intimately, that we could skateboard with him [His Son or Holy Spirit] if we wanted to.

    God has been relegated to an unapproachable, skateboard-averting, Wizard of Oz type of character for so long, I am only now starting to understand the “Abba Father” (Daddy)relationship he wants with us.

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts…

    P.S.I could certainly envision God on a skateboard before I could imagine MYSELF on one 🙂

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