What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

Poor Hungry EGO

Poor hungry ego can never get enough control, so it fears for itself. standing always in an attack/defend posture, it freezes out relationships it cannot control.

Poor Hungry Ego can never get enough things to make itself happy. Soon the things pile up and trap ego all alone under the pile of things.

Poor hungry ego can never get enough love to feel complete, so it sucks up attention wherever it can…and still it never knows that it is loved.

Poor hungry ego is deprived, starved.  It cannot function as healthy ego which knows its sacred separateness.

Healthy ego has no fear of being one with others and no addiction to the company of others.

Healthy ego, our sacred separateness, is the opposite of egoism.

Comments on: "Poor Hungry EGO" (2)

  1. I am very happy to be visiting your website. Per your next video, I prefer, “the kindom is coming” (yes that is the spelling from the Michael H. Crosby book – kindom). I so enjoyed your videos: “Time” and “Eve” and “cardinals.” But twice “groveling” would not run without a bunch of pauses. My opinion is that we need a better theology so that God is not blamed for the constant deluge of problems we experience. Thanks for your visit.

    • Thank you! Love your idea for our next video! The KINdom is Coming!
      Working on fix for video on Groveling…Meanwhile, count to 10, then click on play button.

      You might also like my blog, WHO GOD IS NOT at whomegod.wordpress.com
      Thanks again, Trulee.

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