What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

God Has Bad Days?

Count to 10, then press the “play” arrow.



Comments on: "God Has Bad Days?" (2)

  1. I applaud your efforts at re-imagining “God.” I have trouble with the word “God,” as this infers a jealous, wrathful presence that is into scaring lowly humans into doing “His” bidding. I have come to believe that The Sacred (Holy) Spirit is the Energy of the universe, infinitely manifesting and metamorphosing. We have been taught not to see The Sacred Spirit in earthly everyday experiences and people. When any two are more are joined in The Sacred Spirit, there is a sacrament.

    • Y.A., the word “God” does not infer “a jealous, wrathful presence” to many people these days.

      I do understand where you are coming from and agree with your re-imagining of God as the sacred Energy of the universe. I also really like your statement: “When any two or more are joined in The Sacred Spirit, there is a sacrament.”

      I write to share an image of God which is neither way out there nor the anthropomorphic projection of a sacred hierarch which needs servants, praise and sacrificial offerings. I write to counter the idols which stand in the place of the sacred reality/mystery which God is…and of which we are also the image.

      Thanks for your contribution to my work.

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