What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

It’s Time for Change!

Who GOD is Not

Let’s see… We look at God as the powerful one over all and Jesus as the judge in charge of sorting out the good from the bad. Now in 2014 we have Christians in Central Africa on a killing rampage against Muslims. This after ALL the other “ethnic”–read “religious”- so-called cleansings. Isn’t it time to look at the doctrines of a greater god over a lesser people? Maybe we are the ones who can STOP all this killing…instead of praying to a god designed by us to ratify our system of superior-to- inferior relationship. Just MAYBE??? See very short video:   vimeo.com/89802737

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Comments on: "It’s Time for Change!" (2)

  1. I applaud your efforts at re-imagining “God.” I have a problem with the word “God,” as it was used for too many centuries to describe a jealous, vengeful despot who wants us to live in fear of punishment for our transgressions. What kind of “loving father” would create a son to kill in homage to himself because a son he had created many centuries before had angered him? The whole Jesus crucifixion story is based on pagan blood sacrifice. Where is the life of The Holy Family story?

  2. You are right, Y.A.! I should be using the word “G-d” for the one who cannot be named and pinned down into any of our projections on what the “Holy Other” is like.
    Thank you for your comments. About the Crucifixion story…I agree wholeheartedly. I have a post on that. See

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