What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

Fierce Love


“Learning to Soar above it all” by Consilia Karli

Enough of wimpy “God is love” stuff.  What good is that in the face of people who are suffering untold injustices and violent prejudices?   Promises of “I will save you” don’t  give us the fierce courage we need to move beyond the traumas that life brings.

It always helps, of course, to remember that we are loved. But to be loved by a god which has power to alleviate suffering, one which has the power to liberate the oppressed…how does such a god love and leave us to endure what “He” has the power to undo?

Instead we need a God who loves us fiercely, one which doesn’t take on the role of softy savior or almighty healer/ liberator from on high, god of cartoon kid-heroes.

What if we had a God with fierce faith in us, one who never gives up on us, one which refuses to let us get away with wimping out on life?



Comments on: "Fierce Love" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    As long as we insist on calling Divine Energy by a name that describes jealous, vengeful beings of childish imaginations, we will not get past a “God” with human failings.

  2. The idea of God as “Divine Energy” is fine, Anonymous. Yet the “God with human failings” is the one scripture and tradition has implanted in our minds. I believe we need to think about and discuss that God to see if “He” no longer makes sense. Perhaps we might even laugh at the non-sense we discover and that lightness will enable us to gently let go the grip of ancient ideas encoded in our minds.

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