What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

No Perfect God


Perfectly Imperfect World


Perfect gods are boring and stilted and static and dead.

No need for intercourse or interaction with us.

They just make rules or rituals for us to follow.

Or do we make the rules and rituals to fit our perfect gods?


A real God would never be perfect.

A real God would never create a perfect world,

For that would be a world as dead as a perfect god.


A real God would be intercoursing back and forth with us,

wanting to know us more intimately,

wanting to experience the mystery of us,

calling that mystery forth from us,

as only Love does.


Comments on: "No Perfect God" (3)

  1. And what’s even better, you are not perfect and then I don’t have to be either.

    • And what a relief not to have to be perfect, for the word ‘perfect” means “finished” and we are never finished, always mystery!

  2. The hundreds of daisies by my sidewalk are perfection, but not in stasis. Our goal and our privilege in life is to catch a glimpse of the unique perfection that is the essential being of each individual we meet, a perfection loved perfectly and known fully by the One that is creating it! A dynamic process that is perfect for us – hopefully.

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