What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

GOD Wants Prayers?

Watercolor by Consilia Karli

Watercolor by Consilia Karli



I’ve spent my life praying.  I can assure you…

 God has absolutely no need for prayers and no desire for them.  Neither does God wait for our petitions in order to grant favors.

We need to examine the whole concept of prayer and why we pray:

…so prayer can help us lay down our judgments and assumptions about self, others, life, the world, God, et al

…so prayer can help OPEN our minds to the MYSTERY OF LIVING unfolding before our eyes at every moment

..the mystery of each of us, the mystery of our relationships and our times.





Comments on: "GOD Wants Prayers?" (2)

  1. How has the “Christian” church managed to turn all avenues to peace into petition and penance?

  2. It’s an idolatry thing and it isn’t unique to Christianity. Idolatry is often mistaken for authentic religion. That might be why the prophets rail against idolatry so often in the Bible.

    We moderns think ourselves above idolatry, a foolish misapprehension because idolatry is a problem endemic to all relationships, especially when we dismiss it as unimportant or inconsequential.

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