What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

We stand with IDONTKNOWWHATIMDOING685 who says: “I am asking secular, liberal America to start sharing the voices of Christian dissent on social media. And not a little. A lot. Like a tidal wave that rolls over and drowns out the sort of voices who have appointed themselves the “real, true” Christians while being vile to anyone who doesn’t meet their standards. What better way to challenge their power and their hold on the narratives that Christians and indeed the world hears than by amplifying the voices that the right deemed too threatening to be heard? Christian dissenters know our holy texts and historical thought well enough to speak truth to power in a way that other sources of challenge just don’t. If we are ever going to overcome this malignant strain of religion, Christian dissenters need to be heard. We can’t get heard on the surface, but maybe if you folks who have taken your spirituality underground gave us a megaphone, we could all break through from below and take the wind out of the sails of these pretenders to the throne who are wrecking havoc in the lives of individuals, families, churches and the nation as a whole.” Read the steps on how to do this.

Pink panthers Blog

Dear Secular, Liberal America, We Need Your Help – Christian Dissidents.

A few years back I had the same vivid dream over the course of three nights. In the dream, the world was watched over by a totalitarian power which monitored your every move and word. There was a lot of fear and tension because getting caught saying or doing the wrong thing could get you hunted down and punished. Because moving about out in the open was risky, I had gathered up a couple of orphaned children I found on the street and brought them with me.

A realtor was showing me homes with “for sale” signs out front where I might be able to hold meetings without drawing undue attention from the authorities. As I toured each home, I was pleased to learn that there were large gardens behind them. But when I walked through the gardens, they…

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