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Who GOD is Not

Hand of God Hand of God by Consilia K


(Old myth transvalued for new meaning)

It was a beautiful garden, safe and secure,
furry lions playing with delicate lambs,
no violence, no fears,no messes, no tears.

Free to do and free to be,
except for this one big tree
marked off-limits by Godas private space, not to be shared.

Eve and Adam knew nothing about
the sacred space of privacy.
They knew only sharing in heaven,
as babes in the womb sharing everything in mother’s body.

Quite naturally then,
they ate of the fruit of.
God’s sacred space.
Knowing no separateness from God,
they claimed all as belonging to them.
(Su casa es mi casa, as one might say.)

God could have overlooked
this little apple-sharing event.
After all, no harm done.
Just One’s private space,
One’s sacred space ignored,
as if no separateness
existed between those who…

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Why Doesn’t God….?

Why doesn’t God lift a finger and make it all better?  Why didn’t Jesus cure everyone in sight?

When others reach in and save us, it feels good at first. There is a certain comfort to being saved…and a certain depressing powerlessness that gnaws at us if we need too much saving.

Maybe we equate being saved with being loved. So, of course, wanting to be loved keeps us wanting to be saved. And, it follows so, that if God loves us, God must save us as often as we poor creatures need it.

Does God want to reinforce this type of behavior? Would any mature parent want grown children like this?

Maybe, Love demands that we NOT save others, but rather enable them to save themselves?

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