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Dear Secular, Liberal America, We Need Your Help – Christian Dissidents

We stand with IDONTKNOWWHATIMDOING685 who says: “I am asking secular, liberal America to start sharing the voices of Christian dissent on social media. And not a little. A lot. Like a tidal wave that rolls over and drowns out the sort of voices who have appointed themselves the “real, true” Christians while being vile to anyone who doesn’t meet their standards. What better way to challenge their power and their hold on the narratives that Christians and indeed the world hears than by amplifying the voices that the right deemed too threatening to be heard? Christian dissenters know our holy texts and historical thought well enough to speak truth to power in a way that other sources of challenge just don’t. If we are ever going to overcome this malignant strain of religion, Christian dissenters need to be heard. We can’t get heard on the surface, but maybe if you folks who have taken your spirituality underground gave us a megaphone, we could all break through from below and take the wind out of the sails of these pretenders to the throne who are wrecking havoc in the lives of individuals, families, churches and the nation as a whole.” Read the steps on how to do this.

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Dear Secular, Liberal America, We Need Your Help – Christian Dissidents.

A few years back I had the same vivid dream over the course of three nights. In the dream, the world was watched over by a totalitarian power which monitored your every move and word. There was a lot of fear and tension because getting caught saying or doing the wrong thing could get you hunted down and punished. Because moving about out in the open was risky, I had gathered up a couple of orphaned children I found on the street and brought them with me.

A realtor was showing me homes with “for sale” signs out front where I might be able to hold meetings without drawing undue attention from the authorities. As I toured each home, I was pleased to learn that there were large gardens behind them. But when I walked through the gardens, they…

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Does God care about EARTH?

Regardless of how you believe or don’t believe in God, this video is worth watching..if only for the sake of our planet and all those who come after us!

“Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction: Reality’s Rules” by Michael Dowd



My comments after viewing the video:

Michael, I get personification and its idolatrous aspects!

Isn’t there a transcendent dimension of person though?  a transcendent dimension of nature and cosmos?   …”transcendent” being a separateness from other…”immanent” being our oneness with other.

Without the inter-course of transcendent and immanent aspects of reality,  wouldn’t cosmos simply be one big blob of reality convulsing within itself, birthing “little replications” of itself perhaps?

Personhood is about the “Separate yet One-with” relationship we need with the earth, cosmos and each other.  With no separateness/only oneness, there is no dynamic relational energy to continuously create ANEW!  Without the separateness part of personhood, wouldn’t’ reality be just us humans/trees/whatever responding or not to some cosmos set in motion by some green???

Family Synod? I’m Cynodical.

Image God speaking: “Do these elderly patriarchs have ears to hear or eyes to see more clearly, or will they just remain blind guides to the sheep who still look to them for spiritual sustenance?” We want to have faith in them, but how can we when they even fight the pope who is trying to re-open windows in the Church?

Painted Ponderings

"Of course we know what families need!" “Of course we know what families need!”

There they go, old celibate men, off to discuss and decide how christian families should live. They will argue over criteria for belonging to the larger but rapidly shrinking Christian family. Meanwhile modern families have struggled and broadened to include members of various faith perspectives, sexual preferences, races and nationalities, and to respect various marriage statuses. Couples have assumed their right to procreate or not responsibly. Women and men are redefining their roles within the family and society while patriarchal structures are fighting to regain control. Do these elderly patriarchs have ears to hear or eyes to see more clearly, or will they just remain blind guides to the sheep who still look to them for spiritual sustenance?

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Church of Misfits and Loners

CATHOLIC, Non-Roman Western Style

Misfits and Loners Misfits and Loners by Consilia Karli

We are all misfits and loners, whether we know it or not.Anyone who thinks is a misfit, for no two people think exactly alike. Anyone who feels is a misfit, for no two humans feel exactly the same about anything. As misfits, we tend to sacrifice our individual thinking and feeling for the reward of fitting in and belonging, all in order to escape from our very human and very important individual loneness, our unique and sacred separateness.

Unfortunately, church too often becomes a gathering of the sealed, saved and delivered, a church of the safe and secure. Yet “church of the safe and secure” is an oxymoron insofar as this life goes, for life is forever calling upon itself and us to change. And change, no matter how well pre-planned, is always full of aloneness, risk and uncertainty.

Time and again, the…

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GOD Wants Prayers?

Watercolor by Consilia Karli

Watercolor by Consilia Karli



I’ve spent my life praying.  I can assure you…

 God has absolutely no need for prayers and no desire for them.  Neither does God wait for our petitions in order to grant favors.

We need to examine the whole concept of prayer and why we pray:

…so prayer can help us lay down our judgments and assumptions about self, others, life, the world, God, et al

…so prayer can help OPEN our minds to the MYSTERY OF LIVING unfolding before our eyes at every moment

..the mystery of each of us, the mystery of our relationships and our times.




Wait for God?

Who GOD is Not

“Wait for God” by Consilia Karli

Too much suffering has been left unaddressed in our world, dismissed by “God will take care of it” resignation.

What if God is not the cosmic babysitter?

What if the Great Mystery of the universe simply calls all forth,

calls US forth to get up and leave the dust of suffering called evil behind us…

…like God called Moses and Miriam forth to leave Egypt and lead those slaves out of bondage who would follow. (There will always be those who stay behind.)

What if we are NOT supposed to endure familial or systemic evil as if it were inevitable or inescapable?

What if we are to walk compassionately to the edge of suffering while refusing to be sucked into it…

…even needing to walk away from it when it threatens to bury us…

…with courage and full confidence in aGood that is larger…

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Pope Says People Should Doubt Church

Pope Says People Should Doubt Church

Again, doubt is an important element of faith.  After reading Kyle Cupp’s article above about the pope, read the book NOTHING SACRED by Douglas Rushkoff. “Many will be outraged and even furious at Rushkoff for for daring to revise the Jewish tradition of self-questioning.”  This tradition should be an all-faith tradition so that religion doesn’t degenerate into idolatry.

This Emptiness, this NOTHING of which Rushkoff speaks in his book is space for the divine to emerge in the midst of us. This NOTHING is SACRED!  This is definitely a book for people of all faiths to read and study together!

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