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Christmas story means WHAT?

The Jesus birth story is the story and celebration of EVERY one of us!  It is an ancient story that holds the truth of human being in hidden corners so that the light of truth cannot be denied or suppressed in darkness.  Here we look anew at that sacred ancient story.

Some say we choose our lives before being born.  The ancient Christmas story has Jesus doing just that, choosing to be born into poverty, yet receiving the acclaims of royalty by kings and divinity by angels.  Not a contradiction in Jesus’ life or ours!  No matter how rich the family we are born into, all of us are born vulnerable and in need of help–poor.  Yet we are also born with inestimable (human-divine) worth and potential.  The kings, shepherds, and relatives who recognize this come bearing gifts to honor our birth.

Like Jesus, we are all born to save the world by dying.  That dying starts on day 1.  There is no living that excludes dying, except in our imagination.  This dying which saves the world is as much about everyday living as it is about physical passing.  Everyday we face the death of endings in order to embrace new beginnings.  The dying or letting go that every next step calls forth from us…this is the dying that saves the world!

The Christmas story of ancient tradition is everyone’s story of life beginning.  It tells of how we need to listen to our inner voice, how we need to protect ourselves and each other from the devious intrusion of domination over our lives (Herod’s attempt to kill off the child).  This ancient yet modern warning is an important reminder that we are born to be more than slaves to greed or domination that promises us security it can never deliver.

The Christmas story is our story–the honoring of our equality with God–equality of holiness which is God’s gift to us.  No mature parent gives life witholding equal worth and dignity to its child.  Only a sickly narcissistic parent would want its offspring to be a creature of less worth than itself.  The Christmas story holds  the ancient and sacred belief that God is  NO such sickly parent!  Each development of the ancient Christmas story preserved the reality that we are “of God,” born of God like Jesus–not born of some composite of good and evil, not born of lower or less worth than our brother Jesus.

This ancient but new understanding of the Jesus birth story doesn’t claim we are God any more than Trinity doctrine claims that the Son is the Father.  Yet we are of divine word and worth made flesh..each and every one of us–NO exclusions!  When we realize this, the whole superior/inferior domination system crumbles under the light that shone on the stable in the Bethlehem story, our story.  When we remember the common divine origin of all human beings, then the “Kindom” of Peace on Earth will surely come!

Now what do you think of this Christmas story, my sisters and brothers?


Jesus died for our sins?

Something is wrong with “Jesus died for our sins” when we follow the story back to a Father God who needed the death offering of a Son to make things right between Himself and humanity. This story is an ancient explanation of why Jesus died such an ignoble death as a criminal.  The story of Father God needing sacrifice of a divine son made sense to those who were not far historically from animal if not human sacrifice as a way to appease or win favor from all-powerful gods.

What made perfect sense then doesn’t make as much sense now to many. No Loving God, no Abba, No Fathr of Jesus could have required or sent a Son to die to appease the offenses of humanity against the Divine. Abba, God of Jesus, was not One to be offended by our sins, but rather One Who cares what sin does to us–how it enslaves and dehumanizes us.

So, if to some, the Crucifixion of Jesus has no meaning as an appeasement sacrifice, no meaning as a sin-offering opening the gates of heaven, what could Jesus’ Crucifixion mean to them?

What if we look through a different lens at Crucifixion? What if Jesus’ love for us took him to Crucifixion because he was determined to love every single person, regardless of their judgments on him–yes, even the Pharisees, his Roman torturers, and his betraying friends and followers.

What if the real Crucifixion was Jesus letting go of justifiable judgments against those who hated him? What if Jesus realized how his worldview and his God-view threatened the top-down status quo of power? What if Jesus knew that domination would never die until it was replaced by love and letting go even the “justifiable” judgments of self, others, God?

What if Jesus’ Crucifixion was so very much more than a sin-offering or a dyiing for our sins to wipe away the guilt and shame of offending God? What if Jesus’ Crucifixion happened because it was just Jesus truly loving his sisters and brothers. What if truly loving our brothers and sisters ALWAYS takes us to the place where we must choose to let go judgments and assumptions about them over and over again? …and look beyond their judgments and assumptions about us?

Even one hair of a “me-better/smarter/etc-than you” assumption prevents that love. We honor Jesus’ Crucifixion by choosing to love the “enemies” who hate, revile and torture us, for “they know not what they do.” And so we “know not what we do” when we hate, revile, or think ourselves just the tiniest bit better than another.

What do you think?

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