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God in a Lockbox?


As long as we keep God in a lockbox, “He” will rust or be eaten by moths or stolen by thieves. (See Matthew 6:20)

You know, when we put our ideas of someone in a lockbox, then we relate to our ideas of that person.  We don’t allow them to be who they are in any given moment.

 We demand that they be who we say they are.   When someone is in my lockbox, they can’t change.  I won’t let them.

When we are in someone’s lockbox, we can’t change.  We can’t be the real and ever-new person we are in each moment.

That lockbox may be full of the best qualities, the purest intentions, but it still kills.

Sometimes we put ourselves in the lockbox we or others have made for us.

Often we put God in a lockbox, a lockbox which others have made for us.

Only we can break it open!

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