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GOD Wants Prayers?

Watercolor by Consilia Karli

Watercolor by Consilia Karli



I’ve spent my life praying.  I can assure you…

 God has absolutely no need for prayers and no desire for them.  Neither does God wait for our petitions in order to grant favors.

We need to examine the whole concept of prayer and why we pray:

…so prayer can help us lay down our judgments and assumptions about self, others, life, the world, God, et al

…so prayer can help OPEN our minds to the MYSTERY OF LIVING unfolding before our eyes at every moment

..the mystery of each of us, the mystery of our relationships and our times.





Praying to God?

If God is God, it is highly unlikely that “He” needs prayers of praise or petition or thanks.
We, on the other hand, do need prayer as an ego discipline because it is Soooooo EASY to start thinking we are a tiny bit better or less than X, Y, or Z.

Prayer is letting go judgments which keep us apart.
Prayer is letting go assumptions which seem to tie us together, while actually locking us into little enclaves of acceptibility.
Prayer is being present with each other, lifting our minds and hearts together in union with all that is Good.
Prayer is the experience and practice of our oneness with each other, the universe and God.

Praying isn’t about God.  It’s about us and our relationships!  It’s about getting Real with ourselves and All Other.  That’s all any Real God could want.  Ya think?

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