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GOD Wants Prayers?

Watercolor by Consilia Karli

Watercolor by Consilia Karli



I’ve spent my life praying.  I can assure you…

 God has absolutely no need for prayers and no desire for them.  Neither does God wait for our petitions in order to grant favors.

We need to examine the whole concept of prayer and why we pray:

…so prayer can help us lay down our judgments and assumptions about self, others, life, the world, God, et al

…so prayer can help OPEN our minds to the MYSTERY OF LIVING unfolding before our eyes at every moment

..the mystery of each of us, the mystery of our relationships and our times.





God in a Lock-box?

lockboxAs long as we keep God in a lock-box, “He” will rust or be eaten by moths or stolen by thieves. (Matthew 6:20)

You know, when we put our ideas of someone in a lock-box, then we relate to our ideas of that person.
We don’t allow them to be who they are
in any given moment.

 We demand that they be who we say they are.
When someone is in my lock-box, they can’t change.
I won’t let them.

When we are in someone’s lock-box,
we can’t change in their eyes
We can’t be the real and ever-new person we are in each moment to them.

That lock-box may be full of the best qualities, the purest intentions, but it still kills.

Often we put God in a lock-box, one we have been taught to use to lock God down.

Only we can break it open!

You there, GOD???

Watercolor by Consilia Karli...Alien

Watercolor by Consilia Karli…Alien


Is Rogue God there when you need a God there?

Or are as we as alone and alien as we sometimes feel?


Would a rogue god be off in his own separateness sometimes

…like a mother wanting to get away from her children in all their neediness?


Does Rogue God, like parents, have to leave us on our own

…so we don’t become dependent on constant contact?

…so we develop confidence in our own strength and ability?

…so we learn how to depend on and relate to each other?

…so we learn how to be “separate yet one-with” as God seems to be?



Rogue God Steps Back from Control

A God who stepped back from Power and Control would definitely be Going Rogue.

Most people define God as the One with ALL the Power, ALL the Control.  For them, no control/no power=no God.

What if God has no interest in controlling the world or the unverse, whether we think it needs controlling or not?

What if God has the power and yet steps back from it for love of us?

What if God, like a parent who has complete power over a growing child, continuously steps back from control so that we can mature, each into our own individual personhood?

What if God has no desire to be Over and Above us–any more than mature parents desire to be over and above their children?

What do you think?

Think you KNOW God?

Like it when people THINK they know you?  Does it irritate you when people keep your image fixed forever, no change allowed?

Well, what makes us think that God likes being boxed in for millenium unending?

If God were an idol, that wouldn’t be problem.  But to a Living God, that’s a big problem.

Guess that’s why so much scripture is devoted to ending idolatry.  Idolatry is the “art” of boxing God into things, or words, or ideas.

Being idolized isn’t all it’s cracked up to be–whether people think good or ill of you.   Problem is the boxes prevent relationship.  You never get to be who you are to the person who boxes you.  They never get to experience the real and ever-changing you!

Me, I just want to keep letting go of those neat, safe,  little boxes so I can keep making space for what is Real…the Real other, the Real me, the Real Moment.   I ask your prayer because it isn’t an easy thing to keep on doing, is it?

How about you?


Not always the God we want

There is only ONE God.   God on a Throne is NOT God on a Skateboard, nor visa versa.

Yet we want both gods– the King responsible for and in control of everything and the One on the Skateboard who is WITH us through it all.

We can’t have it both ways.  We can’t have the God we want, only the One Who is.

I don’t believe God was ever on a throne.  …See http://wp.me/pLIvJ-4 for more God on a Skateboard.

What do you believe?

Praying to God?

If God is God, it is highly unlikely that “He” needs prayers of praise or petition or thanks.
We, on the other hand, do need prayer as an ego discipline because it is Soooooo EASY to start thinking we are a tiny bit better or less than X, Y, or Z.

Prayer is letting go judgments which keep us apart.
Prayer is letting go assumptions which seem to tie us together, while actually locking us into little enclaves of acceptibility.
Prayer is being present with each other, lifting our minds and hearts together in union with all that is Good.
Prayer is the experience and practice of our oneness with each other, the universe and God.

Praying isn’t about God.  It’s about us and our relationships!  It’s about getting Real with ourselves and All Other.  That’s all any Real God could want.  Ya think?

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