What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

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God on the Edge of Knowing

On the Edge of NOT knowing

I always thought of God as knowing everything, yet what, if instead, God is always on the edge of knowing?

What if God rides knowing on a wave, like we do?  What if God surfs the wave of knowing by responding to the moment with the whole of God’s being as a champion surfer would?

The idea of a God which knows everything seems a fairy tale, a wish for something that seems like good lasting forever, but also something that ends the story.

An interactive God would be always there with us on each new wave of Unknowing, instead of being out there somewhere knowing it all, like some people do, like I do sometimes.

What if God were there with each moment, coming to know and be known by everything IN that moment, knowing as one does in the throes of becoming one with the other, in the crest and crash of the great wave, in the ebb and flow of the small everyday waves?

What if God is always on the edge of knowing like we are?  Or what if we are always on the edge of knowing like God is?

(Watercolor on paper towel by Consilia Karli)

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