What if God is MORE than the stories we believe?

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Poor Hungry EGO

Poor hungry ego can never get enough control, so it fears for itself. standing always in an attack/defend posture, it freezes out relationships it cannot control.

Poor Hungry Ego can never get enough things to make itself happy. Soon the things pile up and trap ego all alone under the pile of things.

Poor hungry ego can never get enough love to feel complete, so it sucks up attention wherever it can…and still it never knows that it is loved.

Poor hungry ego is deprived, starved.  It cannot function as healthy ego which knows its sacred separateness.

Healthy ego has no fear of being one with others and no addiction to the company of others.

Healthy ego, our sacred separateness, is the opposite of egoism.


What kind of Love is God?

Not an all-consuming need or desire,
Not an all-absorbing cultic oneness,
God is not a unity built on conformity, but a union based on dynamic interactive intercourse–giving and receiving, receiving and giving, letting go and creating.

This new paradigm for God’ love is based on the paradigm shift which human love has taken in the past 40 years.

At one time love was a hierarchy of one Over the other, one using the other, one hovering over/protecting the other.  Alternatively, Love was viewed as an abandonment of self , the sacrifice of ego for the sake of the other.  Now we know that ego is as important as human spirit.  It is our uniqueness, our separateness while spirit is our oneness with all.

Love does not require the sacrifice of ego, only the discipline of ego so that it does not rule our lives and prevent us from experiencing the intercourse of giving and receiving, the intercourse of interactive oneness with another.

God is the kind of Love that holds back on its egoistic desire, makes room for other, gives no reason for attack and defense, finds strength in separateness and in union.  Above all, God is the Love that believes totally in our goodness and hopes fervently that we realize the goodness we are in every moment.

What kind of love are you?

Praying to God?

If God is God, it is highly unlikely that “He” needs prayers of praise or petition or thanks.
We, on the other hand, do need prayer as an ego discipline because it is Soooooo EASY to start thinking we are a tiny bit better or less than X, Y, or Z.

Prayer is letting go judgments which keep us apart.
Prayer is letting go assumptions which seem to tie us together, while actually locking us into little enclaves of acceptibility.
Prayer is being present with each other, lifting our minds and hearts together in union with all that is Good.
Prayer is the experience and practice of our oneness with each other, the universe and God.

Praying isn’t about God.  It’s about us and our relationships!  It’s about getting Real with ourselves and All Other.  That’s all any Real God could want.  Ya think?

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